Apply for EIR #2 mentorship program! Deadline is soon!
The program which will bring experienced international entrepreneurs to Ukraine and connect them with local startup ecosystem and top Ukrainian startups in tailor-made mentorship program and 1on1 sessions.

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Why do we need
this program in Ukraine?
It's always great to learn from people who have an experience of creating successful international businesses, scaling their companies to other markets, experience of IPO or successful acquisition of their company to larger corporation.

But in Ukraine we still don't have enough founders with such experience.

Entepreneurs-In-Residents (EIR) program should solve this problem.

UNIT.City Innovation Park together with Max Gurvits (Founder of EIR Europe, Head of Cross Border Angels in the CEE, CIS and MENA countries), with the support of, the Western NIS Enterprise Fund, is launching the Entrepreneur-In-Residence program to attract international expertise to Ukrainian startup community.

EiR program in Ukraine
1 mentor =
1 month
Each mentor will spend about 1 month in Ukraine with 20+ hours per week dedicated for support of local community
In our pilot program we are going to bring 3 first entrepreneurs to UNIT.City.
Our mentors will spend hundreds of hours with startups from local community and will share their best practices.
The aim of the project in Ukraine
To build world class entrepreneurship culture in Ukraine
To develop the business ecosystem of Ukraine
To help Ukrainian startups better scale on global markets
Learn more about EIR Europe goals:
Meet our next
Neeraj Berry is a technology entrepreneur from Silicon Valley currently based in Berlin. In 2016, Neeraj was recognized as Forbes' 30 Under 30 technology entrepreneurs for his work in Consumer Internet.
Neeraj Berry
EIR Ukraine #2
Co-founder and creator of Sprig, a vertically-integrated online restaurant that prepared and delivered ready-to-eat meals on-demand.

Sprig raised $57M in venture funding from top Silicon Valley investors, including Greylock Partners, Social Capital, Accel Partners and Battery Ventures, scaled to 1,200 employees, and served over 2 million meals over 3.5 years to customers in San Francisco, Palo Alto and Chicago.

Over the course of the business, Neeraj oversaw the operations, expansion, finance, business operations, culinary organizations and the executive team.

Who can benefit from Neeraj's mentoring sessions
Neeraj: "I want to work with any early stage founders, particularly those who are in early stages of developing product market fit, scaling, fundraising, and team building. I tend to like consumer businesses more, but am open to working with any companies."
How to get a mentorship session
from Neeraj
Apply now!
Fill in the application and share information about your company. Write a motivation letter, specifying, how you can benefit from the EIR mentoring program.

Application deadline:
11 of July 2018
Selection process
EIR team in Ukraine, our partners and selected mentor will choose companies that will have an opportunity to have a mentorship sessions with selected expert

We will announce the winners on:
13 of July 2018.
Benefit from a mentor experience
Get mentorship sessions from the EIR and boost your business with practical advice from successful entrepreneurs.

Program duration:
16 of July 2018 – 16 of August 2018.
(online and offline)
See our amazing previous
EIR mentors
EIR Ukraine. Batch #1:
Edmundas 'Eddy' Balcikonis
Edmundas 'Eddy' Balcikonis is a ex-CEO and co-founder of TrackDuck startup, a visual feedback tool for web development.

In 2017 TrackDuck was acquired by InVision, a world's leading digital design platform. Currently Eddy continues to run TrackDuck under InVision, manages InVision's integration partnerships with partners like Atlassian, Slack, Microsoft and others.

Besides main work, Eddy mentors startups, mostly in the B2B SaaS field regarding product development, growth and fundraising. Also advice early stage funds regarding early stage startup product market fit and due diligence. Eddy also regularly speaks in events about building the 1st MVP, getting initial traction and sales, fundraising and pitching investors.

Program duration:
12 of March 2018 – 15 of April 2018.
Featured startups
Companies that have already got mentorship help from EIR Ukraine initiative!

Mentor for EIR #3 will be announced soon.

Meet the Jury
who will select startups for a program
Neeraj Berry
Co-founder and creator of Sprig.
Mentor @ EIR Ukraine #2
Max Yakover
CEO & Managing partner at UNIT.City
Managing partner at RadarTech

Kirill Mazur
Head of Ecosystem & Partnerships, UNIT.City
Venture partner at IG.VC
Andrii Sorokhan
Team Lead at, Western NIS Enterprise Fund
Who will benefit from the mentoring program
Early stage startups
B2B SaaS startups
Companies that are focused on international markets
Companies that plan to attract investments
Companies that are thinking about their EXIT strategy
What activities will we
have during the program
1on1 mentorship sessions
(only for selected start-ups)
Public talk at UNIT.City
Consultations for startups
(4 hours per week)
Interview, meetings, other activities
Invite-only workshop
Deep dive to Kyiv business ecosystem
Project organizers in Ukraine
Max Gurvits, EIR Europe creator
Program Initiator
EIR Europe is a global program interested in helping to build and sustain business culture in emerging entrepreneurship hubs worldwide.
EIR co-organizer in Ukraine
First Ukrainian innovation park.
25 ha, 15 000 jobs, 500 000 sq.m. for innovations and businesses.
EiR partner in Ukraine
Established by Western NIS Enterprise Fund, invests in early stage technology startups with world-class teams and a global potential for growth.
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